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About Us

Our Story

 While growing up inspired by urban brands and other apparels. Unique Legacy was founded in 2008 by a young United States soldier, now a medically retired veteran. In the beginning while choosing the name, Unique Sports was the direction, then to later realize the name was owned. One morning, the label on a Tropicana orange juice bottle was read, to thus be struck by the word Legacy, which would come to create Unique Legacy Apparel.

    The founder’s name is Christopher “Mr. UL” Powell whose goal is to motivate others to live life in spite of… inspired by illnesses. A passion for philanthropy to include work for foundations. Believe if someone else can do it then yes it can be done or you can become the first. Unique Legacy is a lifestyle where, “Everything Happens 4 a Reason”.

    “Embrace your UNIQUE, build your LEGACY”, specializing in quality style athletic streetwear including shirts, outerwear, apparel, and accessories. Branding companies are done well, but when using Unique Legacy, the meaning and clarity is an important place and value for our customers. We’ve been recommended by the customers to continue to “Aim to Please”.­­­